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Online {Producer / Designer / Marketer / Business Analyst}


Manage your online presence. Whether it's creating/managing innovative campaigns via Social Media, keeping your website in order or protecting your brand's online reputation - I've done it before and I can do it for you.
Facilitate evolution of design and processes. By observing how your online department does things internally and how it presents itself on the outside - I can help think up ways of doing things better and faster.
Provide a multifaceted creative resource. Image editing, user experience design, musical composition, copy writing, and process improvement. These are some of my creative strengths - all of which can benefit your business.
Engage your customers more effectively. I have a knack of being able to step into a customer's shoes and see things through their eyes. An invaluable skill to have when trying to better relate to your audience.
Create/present content that makes an impact. How effectively content is consumed is dependent on both the quality of the copy and the presentation. I can help you deliver on both counts.
Be someone whom you won't mind sharing an office with for 40 hours a week. Aside from the knowledge and experience I offer, I'd like to think of myself as someone who is approachable, reliable and pleasant to work with.


Rhino-Rack – Online Producer (January 2010 – Present) Website | Facebook

  • Website management and maintenance via CMS.
    Responsible for managing content simultaneously across 1 local and 4 international websites on a daily basis.
  • Writing / proofing of product copy and content.
    Conceived and managing ongoing project to unify online product copy tone and to improve depth of content.
  • Creation and editing of image content (photos / banners / logos) using Adobe Photoshop.
    Conceived and managing ongoing project to improve quality of online image content which has been met with positive feedback from audiences.
  • Assisting marketing team with video editing tasks.
    Took initiative and provided regular input and assistance with editing of promotional product videos.
  • Coordinating/performing onsite vehicle and related product photography.
    Coordinated weekly product/vehicle photoshoots with external clients and learned the technicalities of product photography with no prior training.
  • Development and implementation of online marketing strategies.
    Increased Facebook page likes by 700% in 6 months via combination of online contests / targeted advertising / custom Facebook pages.
  • Managing Google Adwords and Facebook Ads campaigns with an annual budget of $80k.
    Targeted competitor specific keywords and increased unique page views by 10%.
  • Managing and monitoring social media presence.
    Actively monitoring social media/web activity.
    Co-managed critical web related projects.
    Prepared briefs, wireframes, site maps, data mapping for $250k multi-region web upgrade project and custom CMS. Performed extensive testing on aforementioned projects.
    Management of large product/website data sets using Excel.
    Utilised advanced Excel skills (advanced formulas/VBA scripting) to ensure large product catalogs and website content maintained relevance and accuracy.
  • Development and documentation of business processes.
    Hand coded a centralized html/javascript quick reference guide for internal use which improved team efficiency.
  • Design of email newsletters and promotional paraphernalia.
    Cost savings (development and future maintenance) were obtained  by designing and hand coding newsletter templates internally using HTML/CSS.

Cr Edward Mandla @ City Of Sydney – Digital Strategist (January 2013 – April 2013) (Part Time) Website

  • Redesign and redevelopment of the Councilor's official website.
    Directly involved in every aspect of SDLC from proposal to final signoff. Created hand coded PHP/CSS mobile friendly  templates (with MySQL db). Have received multiple commendations for creating a ‘cutting edge’ site design that is beyond any currently in use by a politician.
  • Development of Social Media and Content Marketing strategy.
    Prepared strategy document with core focus on marketing an idea/personality.

2RDJ – Radio Announcer / Producer (January 2011 – December 2011)

  • Live on air presenting of 2 hour weekly radio show targeted at youth market.
    Acquired all presenting skills on the job with no prior training.
  • Writing/Producing of broadcasting compliant content for on air broadcasting.
    Prepared 2 hours worth of music and spoken content on a weekly basis in conformance with immovable deadlines.

Westpac – Intranet Content Administrator / Business Analyst Support
(June 2005 – December 2009)

  • Managing and updating intranet content via CMS.
    Created, reviewed and updated content on a daily basis for division consisting of approximately 200 staff. Maintained relationships with internal and external stakeholders including management, project managers, call centre staff, card production facilities, domestic & international logistics firms, IT consultants.
  • Creation and editing of multimedia content (photo galleries, video presentations, powerpoint presentations).
    Created monthly reports using Powerpoint that were viewed by over 200 staff members including senior management.
  • Assisting with training of staff in use of various software tools.
    Created presentations/training documents and assisted corporate trainers when required with conducting training workshops.
  • Assisting business analysts with internal projects.
    Contributed assistance with design for project intended to convert specific manual process to an online process.  As a result the daily time taken to complete this process was cut from 5 hours to 2 hours.

Travel Air International - Travel Consultant
(April 2001 – May 2005)
  • Consulted with individual and corporate clients to assess travel needs and requirements.
    Acquired all consultation and CRS (ABACUS) skills on the job with no prior training
  • Assisted with business development.
    Attended industry trade shows and seminars and engaged in networking which resulted in a new market being successfully penetrated by the business.


HSC - Girraween High School



Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Flash
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Audition
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
FL Studio

(Web Applications)

Facebook Power Editor
Google Adwords
Google Analytics

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Music Composition
Video Editing
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